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Wrestling in the Olympic sports system

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Статья опубликована в IV Международной научно-практической конференции
"Образовательная среда сегодня: стратегии развития"

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Чинкина Д. И. Wrestling in the Olympic sports system [Текст] / Д. И. Чинкина, В. И. Волчкова // Образовательная среда сегодня: стратегии развития : материалы IV Междунар. науч.–практ. конф. (Чебоксары, 11 дек. 2015 г.) / редкол.: О. Н. Широков [и др.]. — Чебоксары: ЦНС «Интерактив плюс», 2015. — № 3 (4). — С. 420–421. — ISSN 2411-8184.
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Аннотация: данная статья посвящена последствиям решения, принятого исполнительным советом Международного олимпийского комитета о возможности исключения борьбы из программы игр, которое будет влиять на спортсменов, участвующих в этом виде спорта от многих стран.

Abstract: this article focuses on the consequences of the decision taken by the IOC Executive Board about the possibility of an exception of wrestling from the Games programme, which will affect athletes involved in this sport, from many countries.

Ключевые слова: Олимпийские игры, борьба.

Keywords: wrestling, the Olympic sports.

Introduction. In the context of centuries of development and holding of the Olympic Games can be traced to the presence in them of the popular sport, which is wrestling, which, unfortunately, want to exclude from the program of Olympic Games.

On behalf of representatives of other sports included in the final list of candidates for inclusion in the program of Olympic Games, relatively few public statements had been made.

However, as in the case of wrestling the Olympic future was put in a doubt, the media attention to this sport has increased considerably compared to previous decades.

Worldwide vigorous protests were heard, especially in Asia, where the struggle in its many and varied forms is very popular.

The protest movement around the world has shown that wrestling is more than sport, because it is an ancient martial art that was part of the Olympic competition two and a half thousand years ago.

As mentioned above, wrestling is one of the oldest and popular sports today.

The number of people involved in the fight, increases every day, therefore, to exclude wrestling from the program of Olympic Games is extremely important.

The fight is primarily relevant because it is: first, immediately three areas – Greco-Roman, freestyle and female wrestling.

Secondly, this is one of the most popular and ancient martial arts Amateur in the world.

In addition, most importantly, if you remove the struggle, funding leave, the competition and eventually the sport will become less popular and it may not fade away [1].

The problem is that in the case of exclusion of the sport from the Olympic Games the number of competitions will be reduced by 15%, and athletes participating in the Games – by 6%.

To keep track of all these contests on television seem difficult for those who are not familiar with the rules.

The division into two styles (freestyle, Greco-Roman) can also mislead.

In the last decades there has seen the disappearance of many centers of wrestling that may be associated with a reduction in the number of successes (for example, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of new States, whose athletes have weakly showed themselves in the wrestling) [2].

Changes in the lifestyle of the society also made own contribution.

The amount of physical labour has declined, while attention to aesthetics and personal care under the influence of advertising has increased.

Today an integral part of social norms is maintaining a certain distance and a minimum personal space, when for wrestling the opposite is just required.

Even more sudden support from those who in the past never showed their attitude to the struggle is surprising.

When have the channels broadcasted last international championships or when did they publish the last article about the fight?

On television you can rarely see a wrestling match not only of Russian, but also international level, it is also a big problem, because there is no propaganda of this sport [3].

Conclusions. At the 125th IOC session in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires it was decided to leave wrestling in the program of Olympic Games 2016, 2020 and 2024.

Thus, based on the foregoing we can draw the following conclusions:

1) wrestling is one of the most popular sports among men and among women in Russia and the world;

2) as much as possible to promote the wrestling, to broadcast TV competitions of Russian and international levels, so as to motivate young people to the sport;

3) to develop the wrestling not only in large cities but in the regions, including also the support of sponsors.

All this should contribute to the further promotion and preservation of wrestling in Olympic Games.

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