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[01.00.00] Физико-математические науки

Publication date: 01.03.2017
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Kirsanov Mikhail Nikolaevich , doctor of physical and mathematical sciences , professor
FSFEI of HE “National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” , Москва г

«The formula for determining the deflection of the truss with an arbitrary number of panels»

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The author has obtained a formula for the evaluation of hardness flat externally, statically indeterminate girders. To obtain the General solution the researcher uses the method of induction and the operators of the computer algebra system Maple. The forces in the rods was found by using cut nodes method, deflection – using Maxwell – Mohr integral. The article has also derived the formula for the horizontal displacement of the support. Some asymptotic properties of the solution are found.

Технические науки (электромеханика, приборостроение, машиностроение, металлургия и др.)

Publication date: 18.11.2015
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Muselemov Khayrula Magomedmuradovich , candidate of technical sciences , доцент, старший преподаватель
Ustrakhanov Osman Magomedovich , doctor of technical sciences , профессор, заведующий кафедрой
Iusupov Abusupian Kurashevich , doctor of technical sciences , профессор
FSFEI of HE “Dagestan State Technical University” , Дагестан Респ

«Разработка и исследование шпренгельных балок новой раскройки»

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New design of trussed beams of the new cutting. The calculations of all its elements and determined the cost of steel. Built appropriate tables and graphs for various variants of the design.