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Publication date: 16.02.2017
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Unizhaev Nikolay Vladimirovich , candidate of technical sciences , профессор, Почетный работник высшей школы
FSFEI of HE “National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” , Москва г

«The problems of implementation of case-technologies in the process of logisticians training»

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The author considers that profession training requires mastery of competencies and is typical for many modern professions, including logistics. Traditional ways of learning do not allow to solve problems, which appeared again. The use of CASE-technologies partially reduced this problem, but it led to a number of new tasks. The analysis showed the problem of CASE-technologies implementation, due to a technical delay and the lack of young teaching staff, who are ready to use new information technologies in the process of preparing the logistics specialists. Training of modern specialists requires a search for new solutions and methods based on interactive communication between students and teacher, and intellectual formation testing system will objectively assess the quality of education.

Технические науки (электромеханика, приборостроение, машиностроение, металлургия и др.)

Publication date: 31.05.2017
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Karas Ekaterina Vladimirovna , студентка
Serebriakova Tatiana Aleksandrovna , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
FSEI of HE “Pacific State University” , Хабаровский край

«Проблемы автоматизированного создания и адаптации информационных систем и технологий»

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В данной статье рассматривается процесс создания информационных систем и технологий, а также проблемы их адаптации. Описывается эволюция процесса создания CASE-технологий и CASE-средств.