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Publication date: 22.03.2017
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Dykanaliev Kalybek Mukashevich , candidate of technical sciences , associate professor, head of the Department
Bakirov Bakdoolot Zhokinovich , старший преподаватель
Asanaliev Melis Kazykeevich , doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor, academician of the International Science Academy of Pedagogical Education of the Russian Federation
Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov , Kyrgyzstan

«Реализация технологии дуального обучения в образовательном учреждении среднего профессионального образования»

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The article is devoted to research in the field of vocational training. The generalized results of scientific research in the field of the dual training system. It is proposed to strengthen social partnership and mentoring institutions in order to improve the effectiveness of vocational education. In conclusion, the conclusion about the need to bridge the gap between the social partners in the implementation of educational programs.