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Медицинские науки

Publication date: 28.04.2017
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Khoroshilova Elena Yuryevna , врач по медицинской профилактике
Stavropol Regional Center for Medical Prevention , Ставропольский край

«The role of the socio-economic status and family income in promotion of health»

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Throughout life, a person is exposed to various social and economic factors, many of which have a detrimental effect on health. More often, poor, less educated and other unprotected categories of the population face this. In connection with this, in the formation of health a special role is assigned to the income level and the social status of the family.


Publication date: 08.11.2018
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Zhukova Marina Vladimirovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "South Ural State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University" , Челябинская обл

«Влияние типа семейного воспитания на статусное положение младшего школьника в группе сверстников»

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The article deals with the problem of the influence of the type of parental attitude to children on the situation of a child of primary school age in a group of peers. The data of studies using the method of "Sociometry" I Moreno and the method of "parental attitude Questionnaire" (A. Varga, V. stolina) are presented. The results of the study indicate that there is a connection between the type of parental relationship implemented by mothers and the status of primary school children


Publication date: 09.03.2017
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Shemeneva Anastasia Valerievna , student
Chikalov Aleksandr Iurevich , студент
Sevastopol Brunch of Lomonosov Moscow State University , Севастополь г

«Соотношение творческой и нетворческой деятельности в общественной жизни»

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Taking place in the conditions of industrial society processes (in particular the accelerating pace of technological progress, improved living standards, increased education of the population) dramatically increase society's need for creative work. In modern times, the development of creative activity of people in all areas of activity is becoming one of important social problems. And the more society is interested in progress, the more revered and encouraged in this work.