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Образовательная реформа современной России: социальные ожидания

Publication date: 21.08.2015
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Efimova Svetlana Aleksandrovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , директор
ГБОУ ДПО (ПК) С «Центр профессионального образования» , Самарская обл

«Мониторинг региональной системы квалификационной аттестации студентов»

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The publication is devoted to describing the concept and monitoring programs of the regional system of vocational qualification attestation modules edu-cational programs in the Samara regional system of vocational education and training. The criteria and indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of the regional system of attestation are substantiated. Тhe principles and modalities of the monitoring are formulated. Presented management tools using the results of the competency assessment to achieve compliance with the quality of training and the requirements of employers and the state educational standards.