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Publication date: 18.12.2015
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Baklanova Tatyana Ivanovna , doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor
Culture and Arts Institute of SAEI of HE "Moscow City University" , Москва г
Zhukova Ekaterina Mikhailovna , библиотекарь - педагог
ФГБУК «Российская государственная детская библиотека» , Москва г

«Аксиологический подход к организации праздников на основе традиций русской культуры в детской библиотеке»

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The article describes the main aspects of the dissertation research E. M. Zhukova entitled "the Axiological approach to the organization of holidays based on the traditions of Russian culture in the children's library" and its theoretical bases presented in the researches of the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor T. I. Baklanova. The research is aimed at solving urgent problems of spiritual and moral, Patriotic education of children and adolescents of Russia based on materials