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Publication date: 15.03.2018
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Svetlana B. Kondrat'eva , candidate of philosophical sciences , associate professor
Institute of social and humanitarian education Moscow Pedagogical State University , Москва г

«The role of professional ethics in the formation of ethnocultural competence of a modern teacher»

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The article deals with ethno-cultural characteristics of educational space and the role of the teacher in creating a favorable climate intersubjective interaction of representatives of different cultures and religious faiths. The section focuses on the process of training teachers with a high level of ethno-cultural competence, which is impossible without the study of the future teacher of discipline «Professional ethics», which is a doctrine of the totality of moral imperatives, characteristic of the behavior of the teacher in his professional activity.


Publication date: 03.12.2015
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Svetlana A. Posokhina , candidate of biological sciences, docent , заведующая кафедрой
Ozersk Technological Institute (Brunch) FSIEE of HE “National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” , Челябинская обл

«Теория и практика развития процессуальной компетентности менеджеров»

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В статье представлены теоретические и практические направления поддержки и дальнейшего развития менеджмента на основе оценки отдельных уровней развития навыков менеджеров по управлению процессами решения задач и процессами коммуникации как интегрирующими все компоненты деятельности.