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Педагогика профессиональной школы: среднего профессионального и высшего образования

Publication date: 17.10.2017
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Bernshteyn Viktoriia Levonovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent , доцент
Institute of Business and Business Administration of FSBEI HE “The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration” , Москва г

«Development of student’s ability to self-education in English classes»

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The article looks into the ways of forming students’ ability to self-education in technical universities. It is defined that the work done by students on their own is the basic factor in successful achievement of the learning goals – formation of students’ multicultural personality and their communicative competence. One of the tools of such abilities development is communicative activities held by an English teacher in the classroom. Regular implementation of the communicative approach to learning forms students’ ability to self-education not only in the university but in their future career.