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Естественные науки (физические и химические науки)

Publication date: 22.07.2016
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Urazaeva Tatyana Alphredovna , candidate of economic sciences , заведующая кафедрой
Smirnova Svetlana Yurievna , магистрант
FSBEI of HE "Volga Region State University of Technology" , Марий Эл Респ

«Processes of uniform pseudo-random search of global extremum at current stage of computer technology development»

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The article deals withpseudo-occasional numbers generator value impact on result obtaining in the algorithm of random optimization. Much attention is given to insolvency of the standard pseudorandom number generator Microsoft Office in case of the solution of some random optimization task classes; the authors also offer a variant of solution for revealed problem.

Технические науки

Publication date: 20.12.2017
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Smirnov Andrei Nikolaevich , doctor of physical and mathematical sciences , заведующий кафедрой
Alekseev Danil Igorevich , ассистент кафедры
FSBEI of HE "G.I. Nosov Magnitogorsk State technical University" , Челябинская обл

«Оптимизация химико-петрографических параметров шихты с целью получения качества кокса, удовлетворяющего доменное производство и в согласии с бизнес-процессами на металлургическом предприятии»

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The article considers the existing objective functions and limitations in the optimization of the quality parameters of coke M25 and M10 according to the mathematical model. The shortcomings of the existing approach to the optimization of the quality indicators for coke M25 and M10 are shown. It was proposed to use the criterion M10 as the objective function, rather than the set of parameters M25 and M10, as it was before, and also to refrain from restrictions on the parameters determined in the