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Дошкольная педагогика

Publication date: 02.03.2018
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Kozlova Svetlana Vladimirovna , воспитатель
Ovsiannikova Elena Viktorovna , воспитатель
ANO of PE "Planet of childhood "Lada" - K/G №161 "Lesovichok" , Самарская обл

«Описание опыта работы со способными детьми старшего дошкольного возраста»

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In my work, I also had to face a differentiated approach to learning. I have conducted a number of studies. The object of the experiment was two groups of preschool age. Children are selected using a system of tests based on the best results. The age of children 6-7 years (2 preparatory groups for school). The aim of the research was to reveal the influence of stimulation of imagination as a psychological process on the development of creative activity of preschool children. Because of the problems of diagnosis of such traditional methods as interviews, questionnaires, ineffective. Senior preschoolers have difficulties due to insufficient ability to understand, analyze, Express their problems in words. It is necessary to establish a long-term confidential contact, during which it becomes possible free, Frank discussion of the specific experiences of the child. Thus, not having the necessary conditions for long-term contact, I had to use graphical methods of research. That in turn gave