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Компетентностный подход в системе профессионального образования

Publication date: 12.07.2017
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Ilina Evgeniia Vladimirovna , преподаватель фортепиано
Gorbachiova Svetlana Viktorovna , преподаватель фортепиано
GBPOU IO "Irkutskii regional'nyi kolledzh pedagogicheskogo obrazovaniia" , Иркутская обл

«Formirovanie professional'nykh kompetentsii u studentov v muzykal'no-instrumental'nom klasse»

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The competence approach is considered as an effective means of the formation of performance and accompaniment skills of the student in terms of individual learning, which allows to simulate the situation of the lesson, allowing the student to act in the role of artist, and Illustrator, and accompanist, as well as to design lesson model home exercises for developing independence of the student.

Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 12.02.2018
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Sudakov Anatolii Vadimovich , магистрант
Institute of State Public Service and Governance FSBEI of HE «The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration» , Москва г

«Фестивальная деятельность концертных организаций в социокультурной сфере»

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In article the author carries out the analysis of the developed tendencies in the sociocultural sphere and shows that professional festival activity is inherent considerably in professional concert collectives. He draws a conclusion that for optimization of festival and tour activity of the concert organizations it would be expedient to create specialized fund for preservation, support and development of national culture for additional financing of the organizations of this type focused on promoting of domestic culture and harmonization of cross-cultural dialogue.