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Экономика предпринимательства, организация и управление предприятиями, отраслями, комплексами

Publication date: 03.05.2018
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Martynenko Ekaterina Evgenevna , магистрант
Kozhevnikova Margarita Karpovna , doctor of economic sciences , профессор
FSAEI of HE "Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin" , Свердловская обл


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Currently, problems related to the effectiveness of property management are increasingly being discussed by analysts and specialists at professional conferences, forums and specialized media. This is primarily due to the growth in the scale of real estate involved in turnover, the complexity, heterogeneity of the structure and composition of property complexes, the increase in the owner's budget for the management and development of real estate. Obviously, when choosing a management mechanism, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the property, its composition, as well as the goals and tasks that the owner will pursue when using it. Proceeding from this, in this article problems of real estate management are considered as an independent direction of the service industry. Based on the analysis of international experience and domestic developments, the features of the Russian real estate market are explored.


Publication date: 14.03.2018
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Vladimirova Kseniia Andreevna , graduate student
Kazan research Technological University (KNITU) , Татарстан Респ

«Effectiveness of the state management in the context of the information society»

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The article analyzes the concept of «effectiveness of the state management» through the prism of the information society. The effectiveness of the state management is considered in risk theory. It is assumed that the forecasting of risks is an important criterion for assessing the effectiveness of management in the information society.