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Publication date: 26.03.2016
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Shchukin Pavel Olegovich , candidate of technical sciences , начальник отдела инновационных проектов
Vasilyev Aleksey Sergeevich , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
Kester Ialmar Matveevich , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Petrozavodsk State University" , Карелия Респ

«О переходе от заготовки пневого осмола взрывом к механизированной заготовке»

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The features of the transition from the workpiece Pneumatic shalt explosion to mechanized harvesting in 70 years. It is shown that in this period the Karelian Research Institute of the timber industry was established manipulator Rooter stumps with vibration winch head.