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Publication date: 01.10.2018
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Bagdaryyn Nurgun Siulbe uola , candidate of philological sciences , научный сотрудник
FGBUN "Institut gumanitarnykh issledovanii i problem malochislennykh narodov Severa SO RAN" , Саха /Якутия/ Респ

«Even geographical lexis in the Alloyhovsky ulus toponymy of the Republic of Saha»

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The subject of the study is the even layer in the ulus toponymy. The theme of geographical vocabulary of even origin is chosen. The work is carried out in order to identify the geographical appellative vocabulary of the even language with a comparative method, word-formation, structural, lexical-semantic analysis. As a result, the semantic correspondence of appellative vocabulary and place names with the types of geographical objects, features of the surrounding area and landscape is revealed. The author traces the borrowings of even geographical vocabulary to the Fund of the indigir dialect of the Yakut language. The materials of the study will be used in the preparation of a short toponymic dictionary.


Publication date: 24.12.2019
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Lebedeva Aia Kunnei Rostislavovna , student
Larina Elena Anatolievna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , associate professor
Pedagogical Institute of FSEI of HE “Pacific State University” , Хабаровский край

«Features of Spoken Speech in Bilingual Children in Yakut-Russian Dialect: Interference in the Sound-Pronouncing and Prosodic Side of Speech»

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This article examines the features of speech in preschool children who speak two languages on the example of Yakut and Russian languages. The study is specifically concerned with the sound-pronouncing and prosodic side of speech. Speech peculiarities at the present stage of development are considered. In conclusion, the solutions to overcome speech disorders are briefly examined.