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Publication date: 09.10.2018
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Vladinir V. Kovrov , candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent , доцент
Kseniia K. Kochina , студентка
Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology and Inclusive Education of Humanities-Pedagogical Academy (Brunch) FSAEI of HE "V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University" , Крым Респ


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The problem of competence of parents in matters of education of children in the family is an urgent socio-pedagogical task that requires a comprehensive response of society and the state in its solution. No less important is this problem for an incomplete family. The article deals with the issues of development of competence of parents from single-parent families in the problems of family education, the possibility of increasing the "parent competence" by means of implementation of technology of socio-pedagogical design and implementation of the student project "Improvement of parental potential in single-parent families. School for parents".