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Publication date: 20.11.2018
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Slavianov Andrei Stanislavovich , candidate of economic sciences , старший научный сотрудник
Khrustalev Evgenii Iurevich , doctor of economic sciences, professor , главный научный сотрудник
Larin Sergei Nikolaevich , candidate of technical sciences , старший научный сотрудник
Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences “Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS” , Москва г

«Predictive method of forming the strategy of innovation progress (on the example of the rocket and space industry)»

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In this paper, a factor analysis of the state of the external and internal environment of the complex of enterprises of the knowledge-intensive sector of the economy was carried out, on the basis of which probable scenarios for its development were developed. Developed proposals for the formation of strategies for innovative development, taking into account the likely changes in the external environment.