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Publication date: 28.01.2019
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Novikova Svetlana Igorevna , graduate student
Chizhova Marina Aleksandrovna , candidate of technical sciences , associate professor
Lesosibirsk branch of Siberian state University of science and technology named after academician M. Reshetnev , Красноярский край

«Protection of paints and coatings from biodeterioration»

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Аbstract: the article discusses the issues related to the protection of paintwork materials from biological damage. Paint and varnish materials and coatings are exposed to damage caused by various microorganisms during operation, since many components of the materials are used by microbes as power sources. The greatest destruction is caused by bacteria and microscopic fungi. At the moment there are practically no absolutely biostable paints and coatings. Depending on their chemical composition and structure, we can only talk about compositions that are more or less resistant to biological damage. One of the effective ways to protect materials from biological damage is the introduction of various biocidal additives into their composition.