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Publication date: 29.10.2019
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Lev B. Velgas , inventor-innovator, research expert
, Москва г
Liya L. Iavolinskaia , coordinator
ICPO "Vozrozhdenie" , Москва г

«Global Warming: The Bottom View»

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In this paper, the authors theorize that all planets rotate about their axis due to their satellites. The planet and its satellite are interconnected by a shared gravity, which moves along the surface of the planet as the result of the satellite moving in an orbit. The discussed movement of gravity applies to all planets and the Sun. The shared gravity is at its maximum on the Earth and Sun surface. Based on this theory, the paper discusses causes for global warming. The hypothesis of the Earth’s crust being a cause for global warming is analyzed. In addition, an analysis of Friedmann’s theory in terms of possible galactic velocities is presented in the article.