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Современные подходы в дошкольном образовании и подготовка кадров

Publication date: 28.09.2016
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Larisa V. Aleeva , заведующая
Natalia V. Brukhantseva , candidate of philosophical sciences , педагог-организатор
MACEI "K/g №13" , Томская обл

«Features axiological acme of a preschool organization teacher»

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The article draws attention on the value of teacher's identity in the modern system of preschool education. On an example of pedagogical creativity of a preschool institution possible ways to implement new approaches for improving not only the preschool educational process, but also to create conditions for the development of the individual teacher are presented. Innovative search is defined by integration connections in the realization process of the project "Axiological acme of a teacher." A close connection forms of the institution, case studies of a teacher with the development of his value orientations are proved.