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Мобильные решения для повышения информированности абитуриентов и студентов

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Статья опубликована в V Международной научно-практической конференции
"Образовательная среда сегодня: стратегии развития"

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Уразова А. Р. Мобильные решения для повышения информированности абитуриентов и студентов [Текст] / А. Р. Уразова, М. А. Григорьева // Образовательная среда сегодня: стратегии развития : материалы V Междунар. науч.–практ. конф. (Чебоксары, 17 апр. 2016 г.) / редкол.: О. Н. Широков [и др.]. — Чебоксары: ЦНС «Интерактив плюс», 2016. — № 1 (5). — С. 101–103. — ISSN 2411-8184.
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Технический колледж ФГБОУ ВО «Астраханский государственный технический университет»
Астраханская обл

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ФГБОУ ВО «Астраханский государственный технический университет»
Астраханская обл

Аннотация: в статье рассматривается роль мобильных приложений среди молодежи на примере мобильного справочника «Образование РФ», помощника абитуриента, в котором содержится вся необходимая для поступления информация о направлениях и профилях подготовки, а также вся информация о вузе. В этом приложении можно найти информацию о каждой школе, гимназии, лицее, техникуме, училище. Данное мобильное приложение – это один из наиболее удобных инструментов для получения необходимой информации обучающимся и студентам нашей страны.

Abstract: the article discusses the role of mobile applications among youth on the example of mobile guide «Education of the Russian Federation», assistant of the applicant, which contains all the necessary information on directions and training profiles, as well as all information about the University. In this app you can find information about each school, gymnasium, lyceum and college. This mobile application is one of the most convenient tools to obtain the necessary information to applicants and students of our country.

Ключевые слова: мобильные приложения, абитуриенты, информированность, мобильные устройства.

Keywords: mobile applications, applicants, awareness, mobile devices.

How to facilitate information on the issues of education of the Russian Federation? In today's world, mobile devices play a huge role. They received a large development. Users can exploit the information services wherever they need it. Previously, mobile devices could only make calls or send and receive text messages. But today they are used as computers that help not only to communicate, but also to study, to entertain to, learn something new. There are a variety of mobile applications that are specifically designed for employing in mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, which performs certain tasks necessary for the user. For example, access to Internet shopping, banking account, the ability to hear news and weather, check out the website, book or magazine, chat with friends, play and much more. Selection of applications is so great that any user of the mobile device can completely meet his needs.

Undoubtedly, with the growing market for mobile devices, the need for the various categories of mobile applications with an extension of their functionality will continue to increase.

There’s no definite classification of mobile applications. All software for mobile devices can be viewed from different perspectives.

If you take the payment as a criterion, the application can be divided into such kinds as free and paid.

If we consider the mobile application in terms of functionality, there are many different types of applications that can be divided into the following categories: business, sports, design, tools, books, and reference books, multimedia, communication, and so forth.

If we classify mobile applications from their development, they will be divided into such categories as native – these applications are created by developers specifically for certain devices, web – applications are created for the convenience of work of mobile devices with web-pages and mashups that combine the qualities of two other types.

For the development of each type of mobile applications certain platforms are used, for example Android Studio, X code, Visual Studio, Aptana Studio, Intel XDK and other. Each of platforms for mobile applications has an integrated environment of development that provides tools that allow a developer to program, test and deploy applications to a variety of mobile devices.

In today's world, mobile devices are so infiltrated into the life that most people already feel uncomfortable without a smartphone or a tablet. To a greater extent this applies to young people. Young people, who have received secondary education, are trying to find information on opportunities of entering the universities of the country, using modern Internet technologies.

As a rule, basic information about the specialties and areas of training is available on the official website of the reception committee of the university. For applicants it would be convenient to have up-to-date and actual information at hand about the chosen direction of learning. For students it would be convenient to have the application in which they will have all the information about the university, i.e. training schedule (consulting, training), review of their ratings, contests and Olympiads, university news. The necessary mobile application can help them in it.

Mobile application «Education of the Russian Federation» is a mobile guide of an applicant. It’s a student`s assistant, which provides all the necessary for entering information about directions and profiles of training, as well as all information about the university. Also in this application, you can find information about each gymnasium, lyceum, college and school.

The concept of «Education of the RF» is the idea of simplicity and convenience. In fact, the user is prompted to complete the information on the basis of already finished thoughtful resource that automatically eliminates all costs associated with the development of the site, renting hosting, technical support and so on. Lack of complicated settings and laconic design in any case do not minimize the quality of service. On the contrary, when you view the information, it is not necessary to deal with the management features, stumbling in the tabs and links. Everything is clear with them on the site, and from the very beginning: registration is quick, without tedious filling of multiple fields and waiting for an acknowledgment. It’s sufficient only to specify e-mail and choose a password.

After entering basic information and selecting an application design, which does not take much time, you can proceed to the main part – awareness, due to which the users will get all the necessary information.

In order to get the information you need to download this application. Opening it, we will see a list of educational institutions: universities, schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, technical schools.

After entering the selected kind of education, the correct region is entered. Further on all educational institutions of the region are presented. After the selected institution, if it is a school, choose to whom the information will be provided: to parents, to teachers, to students. For parents: timetable, kid’s diary, notification of the studying. For teachers: schedule of lessons, classes, journals, reports, distance learning. For students: timetable, blog, portfolio, contests and competitions, sports sections. The same thing is for gymnasiums and lyceums.

For universities, colleges, technical schools there is a slightly modified version. We also enter the region, choose the right institution and choose to whom the information will be provided: to an applicant, to a student or to a teacher. For an applicant: pre-university training, passing scores, documents for admission to university, admission to undergraduate programs, specialties, post-graduate, graduate, specialization of secondary vocational education and orders of enrollment. Students are provided with information on the schedule, sports clubs, rating, contests and competitions. For teachers: schedule, groups, journals, log records, remote training. Some settings have been set in the application as well: information about the application and contact information.

Thus, the application is designed to help students of educational institutions to be aware of all the events that are taking place in the education system of the Russian Federation. This application can be installed on any mobile device. With the influence of new technology the application will improve, perfect and provide more reliable information about the departments, faculties and schools of the Russian Federation.

This mobile app is one of the most useful tools to obtain the necessary information for applicants and students of our country.

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