Yunusova Gulshoda Nozihhonovna

Place of work

Namangan State University
associate professor
candidate of pedagogical sciences

Author's articles(3)

Metodika obucheniia programmirovaniiu v srede SCRATCH, orientirovannaia na formirovanie universal'nykh uchebnykh deistvii

Sozdanie igr v Scratch i Aduino

Methods of Preschoolers’ Preparation for School by the Means of the Latest Technologies and Software



the following article describes new aspects of computer and software utilization in the forms of games for preschoolers with the use of the latest technologies and methods for the purpose of effective preparation for school. The creation and the appliance of programs in the forms of games aimed at focusing, memory improvement, logical thinking, teachings of alphabets of three languages, teaching of robotics, constructing and assembling parts of a robot helps in preschoolers’ preparation for school. The present work shows the method of teachings of parts of a machine or a robot by the means of...