Students' scientific and practical conference of 2019 year — participation and publication

School Scientific Conference

Modern education system is designed so that, beginning with the school, students are attracted to the various project activities, the implementation of research projects and make presentations at events of different levels. Even scientific conference in the elementary school does not look something incredible. This approach allows us to identify the research interests of students, contributes to a better understanding of the curriculum and the conscious choice of profession in the future. In addition, participation in such an event, as a scientific and practical conference of students, organized by the Scientific Cooperation Center "Interactive plus", taken into account for admission to university and can prove to be very significant advantage.

How are the school conferences being held?

International students' scientific and practical conference, which topics and trends cover different school subjects, is aimed at creating the conditions, contributing to students' development of intellectual and creative potential.

First of all, it should be noted that School conference is held distantly. So, the students from all regions of Russia and CIS countries can be participants, however, the students don’t have to present their reports. Instead, everybody who is interested in the scientific and practical conference on mathematics and other school subjects, send work online online-application.

It is important that the scientific and practical conference allows students to participate in the conference as an independent unit or together with teachers. So, the scientific conference allows students to work productively with different levels of knowledge and training, promotes the development of scientific thinking.

Student Scientific and practical Conference of 2019 year «School Marathon» is carried out in several stages. The Scientific Cooperation Center «Интерактив плюс» informs about the beginning of each conference on its website. The School scientific and practical conference includes a variety of subjects, such as physics, mathematics, literature, and other subjects.

All the work is necessarily checked by editors of Scientific Cooperation Center «Interactive plus». If necessary, the organizing committee may offer to make certain changes in order to meet the requirements. Thus, the school scientific and practical conference always has high publication quality.

The distant scientific and research school conference provides all the participants (students and teachers) with the following documentation:

  • online license, confirming publication;
  • online certificate, confirming publication;
  • printed participant's certificate, if necessary;
  • Laureate Diploma, in case of win in the general competition.

The variety of research works is not limited. It is recommended to choose a theme depending on the student's interests and which university he plans to enter in the future. For instance, the scientific and practical conference on physics can be very useful for those who is planning to choose engineering profession and conference on Russian language and literature will be useful for those who is interested in the humanities.

Scientific Cooperation Center "Interactive plus" — Thank to this organization Russian scientific and practical student conference is available for everybody, and the participation brings practical benefits to all the students from first to eleventh grade, and their teachers.

Every participant receives the certificate, confirming online publication for free. The authors will be sent a printed certificate by mail if required.

The winner in one of the nominations receives Laureate Diploma a memorable gift which are sent by post.

The conference consists of 2 steps:
  • Step 1 - submit application forms to the organizing committee, the evaluation of the expert council, posting on the Center's website.
  • Step 2 - popular vote. Anyone has the opportunity to see the works and to choose the best in the submitted nominations in terms defined by the Regulations.

Online conference collection is a complete analogue of the printing one, with the assignment of UDC, BBK, copyright sign and international bookplate ISBN.

Requirements to an article

  • The articles, related to the theme of the conference, with more than 3 pages can be accepted to the conference.
  • Conference languages - Russian and English.
  • The articles should be designed and edited in a text editor MS Word 2003-2016 and according to the following requirements.

Terms of payment

The cost of publishing 1 page of article110 
The cost of printed certificate (without delivery)free
The cost of electronic certificatefree
The cost of the printed collection (without delivery)300 
The cost of the electronic collectionfree
The cost of the printed program of the conference (without delivery)150 
The cost of the electronic program of the conferencefree
The cost of printed impression (without delivery)150 
The cost of number DOI assignment to the article200 
Reviewing of the author's manuscript500 

The cost of delivery of printed collections depends on the chosen method of delivery. We can offer you a delivery Russian Post, and courier services: DPD, SPSR, СDEK.