Publish the works of the conference [special edition]

We can publish the results of your conference

Scientific Cooperation Center "Interactive plus" offers to publish the conference information collection as part of Special edition.

Special edition is an individual and independent collection of your conference results. We accept the conference results with publication of all the scientific areas and professions. We can issue a collection of conferences within the shortest possible time, and help to organize it as well.

The Scientific Cooperation Center «Interactive plus» offers You full range of services to publish your conference:

  • collection layout
  • cover design (with your university logo)
  • getting bookplates: ISBN, UDC, BBK, architectural sign
  • line-item collection accommodation in the discussion platform of the Center «Interactive plus»
  • article by article collection publication in the science-based metric RSCI (eLibrary)
  • printing services for the collection publication
  • Obligatory copies mailing to the Book Chamber and to the largest Russian libraries

If you don't need full range of services, you can use the particular services from this list under special terms and conditions.

We can offer the technological platform of the Center "Interactive plus" to hold your conference as part of Special edition for automatic participation applications acceptance in the conference with the invoice for payment to authors and publication payment reception.

Requirements to an article

  • Each article is recommended to contain not less than three author's pages, made individually or by a group of authors.
  • The articles should be designed and edited in a text editor MS Word 2003-2016 and according to the following requirements.
  • abstract, key words and reference list are necessary.
  • minimum number of articles in the special addition is 35.

At your request, we will prepare the contract and all necessary papers (cost and report of completion) as well. The technological process of special issue preparation begins as soon as we receive the articles and payment (articles design in our system, imposition, approval, printing and circulation dispatch). Generally, this process takes from two to four weeks, depending on the volume of the collection. The additional information materials can also be published in the collection: introductory remarks, information about the event planners, logos and other information.

The cost of the collection issue of the conference articles

The cost of the collection issue of your conference articles with the full range of services is:

the cost of one authors page:

  • - up to 100 authors in the collection
  • - more than 100 authors


  • 150 /p.
  • 130 /p.

electronic collection (formatted layout for printing office, including the cover)

for free

electronic certificate (it is available on your account and is individual for each author)

for free

the cost of the printed collection (without shipment):


The cost of delivery of printed collections depends on the chosen method of delivery. We can offer you a delivery Russian Post, and courier services: DPD, SPSR, СDEK.

For instance, participants of the conference have prepared the articles totaling 200 pages (in accordance with the conference requirements), and you would like to receive 20 copies of the collection. The cost of this collection publication is:

  • 150 /p. × 200 p. = 30'000 
  • 300 /ind. × 20 ind. = 6'000 

The total value is 36'000  (excluding the printed collections shipping)

If you don't need to use the full range of services, but planning to use just part of it, please, call our publishing house or make a request on our email

If you publish conference results in the special issue, you will receive

  • free, fast, permanent, full-text access to the articles of your conference in real time
  • open discussions, public debates of your conference articles, public review
  • large readership results of the conference among scientists and ordinary Internet users
  • the citation increase of your conference articles
  • a huge demand of scientific collection articles, ensuring their "visibility" in the popular search engines (Yandex, Google)
  • conference collection publication in Google Scholar and open global repositories of scientific information
  • ability to gather statistics on the collection of the conference results