International distant online conferences

Nowadays Internet is a huge information resource and the work of scientists, teachers and students becomes ineffective without it. The Internet allows you to publish quickly the results of research in open access and search necessary information effectively, thus displacing conventional paper-based media as the main source of information.

Internet publications become today a fact of scientific life. This publication is the kind of progress reports and results for the researcher. Scientists learn about the colleagues' work and achievements via publication. Thanks to new technologies online publication turns into developing electronic resource, which includes not only text but also various elements of interactive interactions with the user.

Published works reflecting the major scientific results of the dissertation are rated as diplomas of finding and an inventor's certificate, articles, published in the materials of the All-Union, All-Russian and international conferences and symposiums, publications in electronic scientific journals (p. 10 Russian Federation Government Resolution dated June 20, 2011 №475).

Requirements to an article

  • The articles, related to the theme of the conference, with more than 3 pages, made individually or by a group of authors, can be accepted to the conference no more than 3 people.
  • Conference languages - Russian and English.
  • Articles should be designed and edited in a text editor MS Word 2003-2016 According to the following requirements.
  • Abstract, key words and the list of references are necessary.

Terms of payment

Page charge100 
Printed certificate charge (without delivery)100 
Electronic certificate chargefree
DOI charge400 
Submission fee500 

The purpose of choosing online conferences.

Fast. The articles become available as soon as possible for the readers and indexed by search engines in one or two weeks after being posted on websites, and sometimes it takes several days.

Inexpensively. The price of electronic publishing compare to the traditional format is low because there are no expenses on the production and distribution of collections.

Maximum wide and long term range of potential readers. There is a wide range of readers from around the world, the articles are being published on the website, regardless of any time and are always available for discussion. Electronic publications may eventually be supplemented by new material, expanded and edited. This can significantly increase the cited articles.

There are no limits on the maximum amount of text and clarity. You can publish any number of pages (min 3 pages) using color highlighting, drawings, diagrams, tables, animations, "live" links to the sources in the article and external sources, posted on the Internet, soundtrack and others.

Research testing. The necessary stages of the completed work are its tasting and practical application.

It is the establishment of the truth, competent evaluation, constructive reason criticism, methodology and results in the modern scence. Research scientists, practitioners and research teams in a particular field are the devotees, judges, critics and opponents.

Testing can be in the form of public reports, discussions, debates and in the form of peer review (oral or written) of the works as well as.

Great opportunities for testing the received research results are scientific, practical and methodical conferences, discussions, debates, and other creative forms of discussion of research issues.

Certificate and information are free. The certificate and license, confirming online publication, will be available on your account right after the registration payment is completed.

*The certificate can be sent to the authors if desired.

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The article will have been published on the website during three working days after payment confirmation.

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