Author's monograph publication

Authors monograph

One of the activities of the Scientific Cooperation Center "Interactive plus" is the scientific monograph. Author's monograph research differs from the collective one in the individual authorship of one scientist. Published scientific monograph is necessary to show a wide range of research results to the scientific community.

Monograph is one of the forms of reports on the carrying out of research work by the author grant. The Center "Interactive Plus" offers you a high-quality publication of scientific monographs and at low cost. Monograph may be published both in a soft cover, and in a hardback, the main unit can be printed both in black and white and in color (either with color inserts or individual pages). We also help to publish other kinds of printed materials: manuals, educational literature, periodicals and other working materials, and any copies in a relatively short time.

The publication of scientific monograph (list of editorial and publishing services of books layout preparation):

  • E-book layout (editing / correction / layout),
  • cover design (created according to the author requirements),
  • appropriation of bookplates (UDC, BBK, architectural sign, ISBN),
  • mandatory books copies shipment to the Russian Book Chamber and to the main libraries in the Russian Federation,
  • author's monograph publication in the scientometric RSCI data,
  • monograph review by doctors of Sciences in the appropriate field,
  • the edition of the required number of books in any format and the volume of solid or soft cover (1 copy),
  • books shipment to the author via transport company or Russian mail.

The cost of author's monograph publication

The amount of pages for edditing and layout is measured at 1000 signs on one page.

Formatting (creation of the book layout)

40 /p.

Text edditing

40 /p.

Monograph review

20 /p.

Publication in RSCI

2500  + (100  × <number of chapters>)

UDC, BBK, author number




Cover design


Printing costs for the book publication

depending on the volume

For instance, your manuscript is 150 pages (1000 signs per page), it consists of 5 sections, and you would like to receive 50 copies of the book A5. The price of this edition is:

  • Layout: 150 p. × 40 /p. = 6'000 
  • Editting: 150 p. × 80 /p. = 12'000 
  • ISBN: 2'000 
  • Publication in RSCI: 2'500  + (100  × 5 sections) = 3'000 
  • Cover design: 2'000 
  • Print of 50 A5 books in a soft cover: 300 rubles per one copy × 50 copies. = 15 000 rubles. (approximate cost)
  • Print of 16 mandatory copies.: 300 /экз. × 16 экз. = 4'800 

Total cost is: 44'800 rubles. (excluding the printed books shipment)

The cost of delivery of printed collections depends on the chosen method of delivery. We can offer you a delivery Russian Post, and courier services: DPD, SPSR, СDEK.

In order to calculate the cost of your publication more accurately, please, call us or make a request on our website

Immideate scientific monograph publication

It is often required to publish a scientific monograph in a short time during defending the master's or doctoral dissertation. Our center can provide editorial and publishing preparation of your scientific work and publish your monograph during two calendar weeks at no extra cost for urgent work. We will offer you the best publication option depending on your budget and requirements.

According to the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science from 14.10.2008 № 45.1-132, monographs, based on original author's research and literature data, can be related to the publications in scientific journals, included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, where basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences should be published.

Scientific monograph publication stages are the following:

  • email a manuscript to the publishing office or call at 88007750902 (toll free) and inform about the volume of the publication (for preliminary calculation),
  • to choose the book cover (soft or hard), the format and circulation of publication,
  • to sign and send the contract in the two copies,
  • pay for publication in any convenient payment method.

According to the author's requirements, place on the back cover of the book the following:

  • author's photo,
  • author's information: title, place of employment, academic degree / title, advances in the field of science, the number of publications.

Monograph design according to the State commission for academic degrees and titles

Monograph of research results suggests a publication before doctoral or master's thesis. Dissertation Council pays close attention to the correct design of monographs, scientific and educational works. Monograph of scientific research should contain information about the reviewer, which is mandatory condition for publication. Monograph review should be written by doctors of science (at least two doctors of sciences) about the scientific or related author's specialty. Full details of the reviewers must be listed on the second page of the monograph. The basic condition for the author's monograph recognition, as a scientific work, is a correct (strictly according to USSR) design of a scientific publication imprint: The second and the last pages. Our experience in collective and author's monographs publication guarantee the maintenance of necessary requirements for the scientific publications. Monograph examples:

Scientific monograph shall consist of more than 160 pages in conventionally printed sheets. Imprint in monographs must contain information about the number of copies, which shall be more than 500 copies. However, we understand that it is expensive enough to print the whole circulation in a publication office, so we can print not the entire circulation at once, but some part of it without making any changes in the colophon of the book.

Monograph design according to VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) requirements and under control of our scientific and expert council guarantee you a high quality of performance.