Student distant conferences — ability to receive necessary publications

Student scientific conferences — 2019

Conferencing is an important form of scientific life and a skill to paticipate in them must be developed when you are a student. In many cases, your publications or conference presentations are the requirements for your future scientific career, for example, to enroll to graduate school. The Scientific Cooperation Center «Interactive plus» promotes students' innovation and research activities, organizing international student conferences within «Student Forum», fully meeting all the requirements to this kind of activities.

Requirements to an article

  • The articles, related to the theme of the conference, with more than 3 pages can be accepted to the conference.
  • Conference languages - Russian and English.
  • The articles should be designed and edited in a text editor MS Word 2003-2016 and according to the following requirements.

Terms of payment

The cost of publishing 1 page of article130 
The cost of printed certificate (without delivery)free
The cost of electronic certificatefree
The cost of the printed collection (without delivery)400 
The cost of the electronic collectionfree
The cost of the printed program of the conference (without delivery)150 
The cost of the electronic program of the conferencefree
The cost of printed impression (without delivery)150 
The cost of number DOI assignment to the article200 
Reviewing of the author's manuscript500 

The cost of delivery of printed collections depends on the chosen method of delivery. We can offer you a delivery Russian Post, and courier services: DPD, SPSR, СDEK.

International conference «Student Science»

Student conference is distance conference, so it is open to undergraduate and graduate students living in different countries. Participants can submit their works, which are done both independently and with their teachers. You should make online regestration and attach your work, which should be designed according to study requirements. A scientific report should correspond to a certain theme and direction, which each student's scientific-practical conference has.

Despite the fact that the scientific and student's conference is a distance form of conference, participants have the opportunity to share their opinions and discuss each other's work, which is necessary for the professional development, and show their point if you about the publications on the website and vote for their favorite work as well.

The Scientific Cooperation Canter «Interactive plus», provides the participants an opportunity to publish their work by organizing student correspondence conferences. The collection of scientific articles, which are assigned an ISBN or ISSN and library index UDC, BBK, is being published according to the results of the conference.

We accept the original research, development and educational manuals with students participation, course and degree works, projects, programs and best essays.

These publications are extremely useful not only for postgraduates and doctoral candidates, but also for students. The publications will greatly help authors to meet the following goals:
  • Enroll in postgraduate’s supervision;
  • to defend a thesis or final qualifying work;
  • to receive a scholarship or grant.

Russian Federation scholarship assignment for students of higher educational institutions, paragraph 10
Russian Federation scholarship assignment for students of primary professional education and secondary professional education, p.8.
Russian Federation scholarship assignment for students of higher educational institutions, p.4

Please note that all the necessary papers should be filled out in order to hold the Student’s Conference. The participants will receive online certificate and license, confirming the submission of the report on the scientific international event. Moreover, the best works of the conference will be chosen be the committee. The authors of the best works will receive laureate diplomas.

Follow the Scientific Cooperation Center «Interactive plus» main links and social networks, using email, to be aware of the events and to submit your work on time. Students' Scientific Conferences of 2019 year have fixed dates which you can learn more about on our website.

Publication is being paid depending on its size (number of pages). The collection of students' research works and certificate, confirming publication, will be available online to all participants for free.

Participation in the conference could be a decisive factor while defending final qualifying work or entering the next stage of studying. Our international distance conferences help students to continue professional development in their field of science.