Merkuryeva Nataliya Mihaylovna

Place of work

FSBEI of HE "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics"
candidate of philological sciences

Author's articles(3)

Features of the structure of the dictionary entry of the dictionary of synonyms composites of russian



in article actual problems of drawing up the new dictionary of synonyms of compound words are considered, the detailed zone characteristic of the dictionary entry including a synonymic number of composites is given. Methods of the component analysis of compound words and dictionary definitions are applied. Creation original micro- and the macrostructure of the projected dictionary which is authentically reflecting information on synonymic communications of each composite is result of research.

The possibility of lexicographical descriptions of adverbial modifications



the article is devoted to the analysis of lexicography establishment of complex synthesis units of Russian verb. The variants of the submission of verbal modifiers and modifications within the experimental explanatory and word-formation dictionary developed by Associate Professor of I.V. Ivlievoy Science and Technology University of Missouri have been discussed. We sketched the range of problems which appear while trying to describe all complex semantic increments of synthesized sound verbs. Both undoubtedly positive results of the author's research – a real opportunity to codify the units of...

Difficulties of presentation composite antonyms in the explanatory dictionary of antonims compound words



the article is devoted to the problems of compound words codification in the dictionaries of antonyms. The variants of interpretation of composites, taking into account not only dictionary definitions, but also the nuances of a complex manifestation of compound words in language and speech – stylistic heterogeneity, asymmetry of the semantic components of the composite, antonyms for secondary meanings and nuances of word, imagery and terminology opposition are explored. Through the example of the construction of various types of entries it is concluded that a dictionary of antonyms compound wo...