Alekseev Danil Igorevich

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FSBEI of HE "G.I. Nosov Magnitogorsk State technical University"
ассистент кафедры

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Оптимизация химико-петрографических параметров шихты с целью получения качества кокса, удовлетворяющего доменное производство и в согласии с бизнес-процессами на металлургическом предприятии



The article considers the existing objective functions and limitations in the optimization of the quality parameters of coke M<sub>25</sub> and M<sub>10</sub> according to the mathematical model. The shortcomings of the existing approach to the optimization of the quality indicators for coke M<sub>25</sub> and M<sub>10</sub> are shown. It was proposed to use the criterion M<sub>10</sub> as the objective function, rather than the set of parameters M<sub>25</sub> and M<sub>10</sub>, as it was before, and also to refrain from restrictions on the parameters determined in the