Aleksandrova Anastasiya Alekseevna

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FSBEI of HE "Saint Petersburg State University"

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Corporate pension fund: the world practice of pension funds’ investment



basing on the reports of leading consulting corporations and sustainable investment forums, the article makes an attempt to define the place of corporate pension funds in the global pension market. In particular, the role of the government regulations in the process of pension funds’ investment is revealed. Moreover, there is an emphasis on socially responsible investment policy of corporate pension funds as the most promising direction of development that contributes to the improvement of standard of living.

Customers’ travel practices of weekend routes (a case study for the travel agency «Voyage» in Gatchina)



the article reflects the results of an empirical research conducted in the travel agency «Voyage» in Gatchina in order to reveal the preferences of its customers about weekend routes to Saint Petersburg for the spring of 2016 and their willingness to pay for the service of the travel agency via online payment services. The authors describe the most perspective areas for routes in St. Petersburg in the spring of 2016 and specific examples. The research contains recommendations concerning implementation of online payment services of the travel agency.