Sviridenko Darya Andreevna

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FSBEI of HE “Samara State Technical University”

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The priorities of Russian migration policy in terms of external labor migration management



the article deals with purposes facing to Russian legislation in the field of regulation of international labor migration. The current state of legislation is briefly described, the positive and negative aspects are considered. The authors compared two migrant flow control systems and outlined their features.

The role of the state in the greening of the Russian economy



the article raises the problem of the greening in Russia. The main goal of the work is to determine the place of the state in carrying out greening in the country. The concept of «greening» is revealed, the topicality and necessity of its carrying out in the country is justified. The role of the state in the field of environmental protection is disclosed through administrative and financial measures. The conclusion is made on the priority of administrative measures on the part of the state. It explains why the state plays the main role in carrying out the greening with the help of administrati...