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[05.00.00] Технические науки

Publication date: 12.10.2016
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Breshev Vladimir Evgenyevich , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
Lugansk National University named after V. Dal , Ukraine
Breshev Aleksey Vladimirovich , candidate of technical sciences , исследователь научной мысли
, Ukraine

«The issue of the stability of executive body in non-contact linear drive»

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The criterion of movement stability for executive or working body in non-contact linear drive is proposed for the first time. The criterion is determined by power method for the case of small-scale transverse oscillations of working body near the equilibrium position caused by external perturbations. Its validity is verified by a series of computations with parameters variation of mathematical model.

Технические науки

Publication date: 11.11.2019
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Otahanov Bakhrom Sadirdinovich , candidate of technical sciences , associate professor
Abdumannopov Nasimjon Abdulhakimovich , student
Yoqubjonov Ne’matjon Nuriddin o’g’li , student
Giyosov Kakhramonjon Akramzhon o’g’li , student
Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute , Uzbekistan

«Optimization of Parameters of Slave Rotor of a Non-Driving Rotary Agitator»

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The article deals with the issue of optimizing the parameters of a non-driving rotary agitator to ensure high-quality operation of the unit and determines the rational values of the studied parameters in terms of the power intensity of the process.