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Наука и инновации в современном мире и изменения социальных ценностей

Publication date: 06.08.2018
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Prisyazhnaya Irina Mihaylovna , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
Prisiazhnaia Serafima Pavlovna , doctor of technical sciences , профессор кафедры энергетики
FSBEI of HE "Amur State University" , Амурская обл

«Обмолот и сепарация зерна в двухфазном молотильном устройстве комбайна»

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This monograph deals with the problem of threshing and grain separation in two-phase threshing device of the combine. During combine harvesting, high-quality seeds of soya fall into the total mass of the grain, pass through the entire threshing stage by the first and second drums, cleaning, crushing into halves and small parts and sorted out after post-harvest processing. The authors conclude that with this soybean harvesting technology, more than 50% of the seeds are not receiving the natural resource of yield gain, since the different-quality seeds are not separated or collected separately during the operation of the air-screen cleaning of the combine. According to earlier studies, soybean yield losses are 2.7–3.3 dt/ha.

Сельскохозяйственные науки (агрономия, зоотехника, лесное хозяйство, экономика в АПК и др.)

Publication date: 10.12.2016
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Reutina Anna Vasilevna , candidate of agricultural sciences , научный сотрудник
ФГБНУ «Донская опытная станция им. Л.А. Жданова» ФГБНУ «Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт масличных культур им. В.С. Пустовойта» , Ростовская обл

«Засухоустойчивость сои (обзорная)»

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In article theoretical overview of the research scientists on the drought resistance of soybean. An analysis of studies conducted by the breeders of different countries allowed us to formulate conclusions that will help in the creation of new drought-resistant varieties.