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Publication date: 07.12.2016
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Shengelay Mikhail Alekseevich , преподаватель общеобразовательных дисциплин
Winner of the “Red Banner of Labor” award College of Agroindustry (brunch) FAEI of HE “V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University” , Крым Респ

«Practical aspects of informative providing organization of educational process in winner of the «Red Banner of Labour» award agro-industrial college of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University»

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The article describes the modern stage of evolution of information management of educational process from classical paper-based libraries to modern digital ones. The principles of organization, advantages and disadvantages of web-based electronic information provision are characterized, it is shown how to design a digital library by the educational establishment.

Publication date: 02.06.2016
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Kurdyukova Irina Vladimirovna , master of pedagogical sciences , педагог дополнительного образования
GBOU "Dvorets detskogo i iunosheskogo tvorchestva" , Архангельская обл

«Specifics of website development for children's computer courses»

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The article reflects the features of a site for children and adolescents educational project on the case of the Arkhangelsk Summer computer school website, which is used not only for informing, but also directly for teaching. The article also describes the main stages of the site development, the methods of teaching with the help of this web resource, the principals of CMS (Content management system) selection.

Publication date: 06.07.2018
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Tankaian Aleksej Igorevich , graduate student
Krasnoplakhtova Lyudmila Ivanovna , candidate of psychological sciences , professor
FSBEI of HE "Kuban State Agrarian University named after I.T. Trubilin" , Краснодарский край

«Information technologies in pedagogy and education»

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Information technologies are considered as a way of more effective learning and skills acquisition in this article. The authors come to the conclusion that the introduction of information technologies in the process of learning contributes to more effective knowledge acquisition and consolidation of the material, in particular, because multimedia tools affect not only one perception channel, but several ones.