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Publication date: 23.01.2017
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Syed Nur-E-Rakib , student
Lyubovtseva Elena Gennadievna , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE “I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University” , Чувашская Республика - Чувашия

«Financial potential and economic development trend of Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation»

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This article discusses the economic potential and development trend of Chuvash Republic. All important economic indicators of Chuvash Republic like, Gross Regional Production (GRP), employment, export, import, performance of credit organization, per capita income have been taken into consideration to analyze economic performance. This paper also shows how any increase in per capita income effects socio-economic condition. Finally, this paper proposes adequate and proper measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in policy formation and use of financial resources in Chuvash Republic on the basis of analysis. Only secondary source of data has been used for analysis.