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Publication date: 24.01.2017
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Patosha Olga Ivanovna , candidate of psychological sciences , associate professor
National Research University «Higher School of Economics» , Москва г

«Risk and economic decision-making»

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The study examines the parameters of decision making among traders. The risk seeking is studied as professionally important criteria in this group. The aim of the research is to study peculiarities of traders’ decision-making, as well as to identify the characteristics of decision-making of risk-seeking traders. The study has been made based on 630 professional traders. As research methods, the author used specially developed technique according to the type of lottery, which revealed the following parameters of decisions – the tendency for risk-seeking and risk-avoid, a hypothetical benefit, the time to get benefit. The article has also studied the subjective success of traders and their socio-demographic characteristics. The result revealed that the most traders followed a combined strategy and relayed on their own experience. And the risk was associated with high rates of a hypothetical win, which was delayed in time.