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Publication date: 26.01.2017
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Aalieva Gulzat Karybekovna , candidate of philosophical sciences , доцент, докторант
Institute of Philosophy and Political and Legal Researches NAS of Kyrgyz Republic , Kyrgyzstan

«The epic of Manas – the peculiarities of traditional agriculture of the Kyrgyz people»

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In this article, the author analyzes the specialties of the traditional Kyrgyz nomadic economics, which were reflected in the epic of Manas. The analysis of the given epic shows traditional life and activity of the Kyrgyz people and it describes different branches of economics like cattle-breading, agriculture, hunting, trade and hand-craft in epical form. Stockbreeding was the main source of public welfare, the cattle belonged to individual or large families. The materials of «Manas» epic show that the Kyrgyz people used to have an extensive nomadic stockbreeding. The people roaming in steppe areas, bred horses, sheep, cattle, camels – Kyrgyz people called these animals «four kinds of cattle».