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Publication date: 09.03.2017
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Ainur A. Biktashaev
Tatyana V. Maleeva , doctor of economic sciences
Saint Petersburg Brunch FSBEI of HE "National Research Institute "High School of Economics" , Санкт-Петербург г

«Evaluation of efficiency of state property management»

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The research is aimed at increasing the efficiency in St. Petersburg property management. The study determines the concept of the public property fixed in the law. The structure of the public property and its division by the power levels are studied, the subjects of the public property management are revealed and the property management techniques are compared. The program «Management of Federal Property», which is implemented at the moment, is analyzed. Its compliance with the statistical data relative to the public property structure and its management is examined. The shortcomings of the program are revealed. The paper examines the features of St. Petersburg public property structure and its management. It analyzes the statistics of the use of St. Petersburg property. After examination of «management efficiency» notion, the criteria for the assessment of this efficiency are developed. These criteria are used in the integrated assessment of this efficiency in St. Petersburg property management. This assessment makes it possible to reveal the kind of property that is used less efficiently. The analysis of this type of property management enables us to find problem areas and develop suggestions in order to improve the situation. The result of the implementation of these suggestions into practice is the increase of the efficiency in St. Petersburg property management.