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Publication date: 28.07.2017
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Antsyborov Andrey Viktorovich , degree-seeking student , psychiatrist, addiction psychiatrist, assistant
FSFEI of HE “Rostov State Medical University” of Russian Ministry of Health , Ростовская обл
Asadulin Azat Railevich , candidate of medical sciences , доцент
FSBEI HE "Bashkir State Medical University" of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation , Башкортостан Респ

«Psychoactive effects and toxic reactions associated with the use of mephedrone and methylone (review)»

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One of the most common classes among new psychoactive substances are substituted cathinones. The most popular substances among consumers, representatives of this class, are mephedrone and methylone. In this review, the accumulated scientific data on clinical effects, side effects, mechanisms of action associated with the use of methylone and mephedrone are systematized. When writing the review, two representative databases were used to find the scientific sources of PubMed and Google Scholar. The authors also used data from the site Erowid Center (non-profit educational organization in the United States, which provides information on psychoactive plants and chemicals). The literature search was conducted between 2005 and 2015.


Publication date: 17.12.2015
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Shamkova Elena Alekseevna , преподаватель иностранного языка
ГОУ СПО «Кемеровский профессионально-технический техникум» , Кемеровская обл

«Система наставничества в профессиональном образовании»

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The usage of the tutor's system is discussed in this article.