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Publication date: 09.06.2017
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Yong Yin , доцент
Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences , Chinese People's Republic

«China – Japan – Russia relations for the influence of the northeast Asian region under the new situation»

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China, Japan, Russia, the three countries play an important role in northeast Asia. China – Japan – Russia relations are one of the important influence to the northeast Asian region. The relations among China, Japan and Russia are very special relationships in the world, with Russia's political and economic center in Europe, so it does not directly affect the relationships between the world powers. The author can only say that this belongs to the regional relations, but it has an influence across regions. At the same time, the relations are not simple relationships in a specific field, but a complex, multiple collection. The United States and Japan have increasingly tense relationships because of Ukraine problem between Russia and Europe. Russia issued a statement that attaches great importance to the economic and political ties with Asia. This paper has the analysis of the new situation of China – Japan – Russia relations, the analysis of Russia's strategy of «east» of increasingly complex forms in northeast Asia, which has a great significance to the formation of the northeast Asia economic integration.