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[08.00.00] Экономические науки

Publication date: 25.08.2017
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Akhlatyan Zarina Stepanovna , магистрант
Buryanova Natalia Vladimirovna , candidate of economic sciences, docent , преподаватель
Don State Technical University , Ростовская обл

«The fluctuations in oil prices in the OPEC countries and the impact on the world oil market»

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The article examines the issues of influence of OPEC countries on the international oil market. Also, the author analyzes the state of the oil market and fluctuations in oil prices at the macroeconomic level for 2011–2016.


Publication date: 02.11.2018
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Perevertova Vera Sergeevna , магистрант
Don State Technical University , Ростовская обл

«Modern trends of global oil market development»

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Oil – a valuable energy resource, has an enormous impact on the world economy. According to the latest statistics global oil reserves will last 42 years, but with the development of new technologies it made possible the development of hard-to-reserves, which will help to extend the use of such a valuable energy resource for the long term. This article describes the main trends in the global oil market and analyzes the current situation on the world oil market.