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Экономика (экономическая теория, финансы, бухгалтерский учет, статистика и др.)

Publication date: 27.09.2017
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Алнессер Салам , Магистр
FSFEI of HE "St. Petersburg Mining University" , Санкт-Петербург г

«Проблемы развития ресурсного потенциала Сирии в контексте реализации внешнеэкономической деятельности»

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The subject of this article is foreign economic activity, which plays an important role in the economic development of each country. The analysis of practical aspects of the functioning of the Syrian economy over the past few years has shown that the main development factor is the resource potential. It is shown that it is necessary to solve all existing problems (import growth and export reduction) in a complex way in the direction of balancing foreign trade and optimizing its structure.