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Publication date: 09.04.2018
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Nazaryan Gevork Pargev , postgraduate student
Erevan State University , Armenia

«The San Remo conference and the Armenian question (April of 1920)»

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Present article presents the Armenian Question during the Conference of San Remo (April of 1920). The Allied Supreme Council discussed the question of a mandate for Armenia and the delimitation of its boundary. The Supreme Council pledged to support Armenia politically, military and financially. The Allied leaders agreed that the Armenian provinces of Erzerum, Van, Bitlis, as well as Trebizond (which would ensure access to the Black Sea) were integral parts of Armenia. The Supreme Council requested, after the consent of Armenian and Turkish sides, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, as a neutral party, to delimit the boundary between Armenia and Turkey. President Wilson agreed and in accordance with international law made the Arbitrary Award (November 22, 1920), which established the legal state boundary between Armenia and Turkey.