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Publication date: 06.06.2018
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Velgas Lev Borisovich , inventor-innovator, research expert
, Москва г
Iavolinskaia Liya Lvovna , coordinator
ICPO «Vozrozhdenie» , Москва г

«Three step proofs of theory: the rotation is the method of the universe existence. Spots on the sun – are not magnetic fields»

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In their conception the authors seek to prove that all planets revolve around their axes because of their satellites influence. In the article, in detail, gradually by the points (by logical steps), it is proved that the Moon rotates the Earth around its own axis, and that the Earth keeps the Moon strictly in such state, not allowing it to turn to us by other side (All satellites, more than 150, are in the same rigid stable state – are dependent on their planets.) And all the satellites in the Solar System are spinning around their axes from their satellites. The Earth and the Moon in this matter are not original. Researchers give evidence of a lack of a thermonuclear reaction to the stars. And they prove that the energy of solar radiation is electrical energy, not thermonuclear. And sunspots are not magnetic fields.