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Publication date: 20.12.2018
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Maksim A. Polidanov , студент
SFEI of HE "V.I. Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University" of Russian Federation Ministry of Health , Саратовская обл

«Robomed: purpose, specificity and properties of the program»

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There are BPM (Business Process Management) specialized systems in any medical organization that help companies manage their processes, create graphical diagrams, analyze and improve the structure of an organization. BPM systems are a kind of “tool that allows not only to increase the efficiency of the workflow, but also to optimize management systems. This article focuses on one of these systems, the most commonly used in medical practice, the Robomed system. The purpose of the work is to analyze system - Robomed. The author of the article draws particular attention to identifying its strengths and weaknesses, considering its structure and aspects that make it possible to increase the efficiency of the organization.