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Publication date: 10.04.2019
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Andrey V. Antsyborov , graduate student
Mental Health Clinic «Psyche» , Ростовская обл
Irina V. Dubatova , candidate of medical sciences , associate professor
FSFEI of HE “Rostov State Medical University” of Russian Ministry of Health , Ростовская обл

«Compulsive shopping as a private variant of behavioral addiction. The current state of the problem»

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Compulsive shopping, or compulsive buying disorders (CBD in English-language literature) is characterized by excessive, unnecessary spending, also known stereotypical «consumer behavior», which entails the development of various emotional disturbances and economic problems. The prevalence of disorder varies widely among countries and depends on socio-economic and cultural factors. Scattered data for Russia does not allow to reliably estimate the scale of the problem. Comorbidity of compulsive shopping is associated with various mental disorders: affective disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and other pathology of impulse control. The generality of the pathogenetic mechanisms, the clinical picture, the treatment approaches makes it possible to attribute compulsive shopping to one of the variants of non-chemical dependence.