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Publication date: 08.05.2020
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Dzharullaeva Diana Telmanovna , student
Nesterova Olga Vladimirovna , doctor of pharmaceutical sciences , professor, head of department
SBEI of HPE "I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University" of Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation , Москва г

«Historical Experience and Prospects of Using Honeysuckle Fruits in Medicine»

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An analysis of Russian and foreign scientific literature revealed a significant number of studies aimed at studying the composition of biologically active substances of honeysuckle fruits, assessing their antioxidant potential, as well as identifying the features of pharmacological action. Despite the presence of cardio- and neuroprotective, antitumor and anti-inflammatory activity, antimicrobial and antidiabetic properties of the studied raw materials, honeysuckle fruits are not used in official medical practice, which determines the relevance and prospects for further research aimed at developing methods of standardization of raw materials, which will allow to develop new medicines derived from honeysuckle fruits.