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Publication date: 02.10.2020
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Koshila Suriyarathna Malij Gedara , master's student
PEI of HE “Baltic academy of tourism and entrepreneurship” , Санкт-Петербург г

«Bollywood Film Industry as a Significant Factor in India’s Economy»

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The article examines the Bollywood film industry as the main film industry in India. Its key role that contributes to the development of economy is analyzed. As a well-known component in global market the Bollywood industry has developed its own areas of production, financing, and distribution. Being the world’s leading film industry Bollywood is competing with other giants in the competitive market like Hollywood, Chinese and Japanese film industry. Therefore it’s worth studying Bollywood as an economical component comparing it with Hollywood as the biggest film industry in the world as well as considering the India’s economy features.