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Publication date: 23.05.2016
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Anarbaev Abdisamin Anarbaevich , candidate of medical sciences, docent , директор
Osh Interregional Children's Hospital , Kyrgyzstan
Matkasymova Ayzhan Tashbolotovna , преподаватель
Kalmatov Romanbek Kalmatovich , candidate of medical sciences , декан
Osh State University , Kyrgyzstan

«Dynamic pattern of immunological indicators of middle ear exudate in event of otitis»

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The development of the pathological process in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and middle ear associated with impaired mucociliary transport and altered local immune status. In patients with secretory otitis media should pay special attention to the condition of pharyngeal opening of auditory tube and the border with the region anatomical structure, since it is their pathological changes often lead to the development of the disease.