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Publication date: 02.06.2016
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Razumnaya Natalya Sergeevna , студентка
Stopnikova Tatyana Gennadyevna , студентка
Chernyavskaya Irina Vladimirovna , candidate of biological sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HPE "Adygeya State University" , Адыгея Респ

«Biological features of endemic specie of Caucasian peony (Paeonia caucasica (Schipcz.). Schipcz.) under the conditions of culture»

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The results of studies of biological characteristics of the Caucasian peony growing in the Botanical Garden of the conditions of the Adygeya State University. The study of periodization ontogenesis peony Caucasus. The features of seed germination, transition periods in juvenile, immature, virginal and generative state. Determined morphological and anatomical features of the structure of the Caucasian peony shoots.